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gaIoTa Find is an IoT data search engine that enables Researchers Buisnesses and all who's interested in IoT and data science to make use of the massive IoT data around the world


gaIoTa Care enables continous monitoring of the individual health condition. It provides valuable insights for medical professionals for better healthcare and alert system in case of emergency

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gaIoTa team takes a conscious approach in designing for sustainability transitions. IoT is already here and the trends show that it will keep increasing by 2020, attaining a 19.92% Compound Annual Growth Rate (Forbes, 2017). Thus, there is growing concern in how to manage this field in sustainable ways. The development of gaIoTa platform has been strongly referring to IoT Guidelines for Sustainability introduced by the World Economic Forum.

At gaIoTa, we see sustainability as a fair way of acting and we refer to is as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (as defined by Brundtland Report). In a long-term perspective, gaIoTa aims to educate what it means and how to design IoT projects for sustainability in collaborative ways by sharing the knowledge and experience.

The nature of IoT opens up new possibilities to aim for SDG’s. At its core, IoT is about measuring and remotely controlling previously unconnected “things”. The technology reaches people and objects that technology could previously not reach (World Economic Forum, 2018).In a long-term, after having learned from users’ experience on gaIoTa platform, SDG’s will be used to evaluate potential impact and measure the results.

Different barriers including the lack of understanding make it challenging to implement sustainability in practice. gaIoTa aims to educate and build confidence to it’s users and simply give the do good, feel good feeling. For expert users, we aim to enable them by the availability of IoT data so as to help in their decision making.

Sustainability values are within gaIoTa’s team culture. We aim to create a positive impact and we believe that the platform such as gaIoTa can open up new possibilities for making a change. Driven by this belief we create and aim for our shared vision- IoT data for the world.

gaIoTa team believes in collaborations and that together we can overcome the limitations of fragmentation in IoT data. Currently, all our data providers are open source. In the future, our aim is to expand involving more and diverse partners to expand the IoT data network. If interested to be involved, please get in touch with us!

World Challenge Finland 2018


gaIoTa team took part in the World Challenge Finland competetion 2018. The competetion is empowered by the UN OICT(United Nations Office of Information and Communication Technology), together with the European Space Agency(ESA) and NASA World Wind. We collaborated in solving big problems and supporting sustainable development. gaIota was selected as one of the six finalists of World Challenge Finland 2018

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